The First and Only "All-In-One" Secure SaaS Platform Solution for Schools, Colleges & Universities

Integrated Education Management System

Integrated Education Management System (IEMS) Software Platform is unique and in a class by itself as the first, and only All-In-One Education Management System that fully integrates the functionalities of Learning Management Systems (LMS), Student Information Systems(SIS), Enterprise Resource Planning Systems, Library, Transportation and Third Party Solutions such as Google Apps for Education, in one Single-Sign-On SaaS platform.


Learning Management System

  • Advanced learning management system
  • Grading, attendance and assignments management system
  • Teacher, student and parent roles
  • Curriculum and lesson planning tools
  • Online communication, alerts and emails
  • Recommendation engine and individual learning plans
  • 22+ learning modules


Student Information System

  • Complete master data management, users registration
  • Student registration and online admissions
  • Scheduler and automated Timetable
  • Dynamic roles for all officials and staff
  • ID card generation
  • 1000+ reports
  • 25+ administrative modules


All accounting, HR and other modules

  • Complete accounting/finance, accounts payables, receivables, etc.
  • Online fee payment portal
  • Employee master, HR and payroll system
  • Library and transport management
  • Procurement and budget management
  • 3rd party apps integration
  • 20+ ERP modules

IEMS Mobile Apps

IEMS apps give teachers, parents and students a one-stop place to view every piece of information in the phone and to communicate between the users.

  • Communication between teachers, parents and students
  • Detailed attendance and grades reports
  • Live bus tracking
  • View today's schedule
  • Manage all the drive files

Smart Teaching System

Customized Learning

IEMS provides learning tools to create customized learning which helps students develop their independent learning skills, and practice to achieve mastery in challenging areas.


IEMS customized learning tools modify learning plans using recommendation engine and analytical tools based on student's performance and knowledge.

Self Learning

IEMS provides self-learning tools for students to help them to grow their strong problem-solving skills and to make their learning experience more meaningful.

Totally secure and easy to use

256-bit SSL encryption of all user and system data

Amazon web services powered firewalls

Secure development practices (OWASP)

Well organized and secured private cloud

User friendly interface

Plug and play

Multiple web interfaces for learners

24/7 Support

What our client says

The Revolution Next platform enables our university systems of 50K+ students and teachers to save significant money, about 60% off traditional SIS, LMS, finance administration and HR services, including tools like Blackboard, which we replaced last year. They make the complete school platform fully integrated so everything we need is available and working together in a single sign-on environment.

Andres Garcia Lozada
Director of Information Technology, Edupol, Colombia