IEMS Benefits

  • Secured private cloud for each district, hosted in a US data center
  • Modular solution providing all users district-wide (administration, teachers, students, teachers, staff) with single sign on across all modules according to user needs
  • Rapid prototyping and developing of custom reports, modules and user roles to enable complete system flexibility to meet the changing needs all district workflows and business processes as necessary
  • Single platform providing seamless access to LMS, SIS, ERP functionalities according to user functions and access roles which reduces the need for multiple products and multiple vendors
  • Modules can be combined and defined by user roles enabling the operational efficiency of working in cross functional teams, rather than isolated silos
  • Ease of migration of all existing records and files, including accounting, payroll, human resources. Retrospective conversion of legacy data is available, additional costs may apply.
  • LMS provides ability to integrate content and third party applications to include resources according to the customer's preference, such as Google Drive, YouTube, Flickr, Khan Academy and other web-based solutions, where APIs are available by 3rd party
  • Single-sign-on (SSO) to the district's existing Google Apps for EDU domain and other subscription services, where API or permission is provided by these services
  • System accessible using any internet accessible device such as computer, chrome book and tablet, using latest versions of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox web-browsers
  • Automated log of all user logins and transactions
  • Multiple back-up and disaster recovery configurations including locations onsite and offsite
  • Sandbox instance provided to all customers for purposes of testing and training, including changes in school business process under consideration that are enabled by the integrated education management system design
Why Choose IEMS?
Eliminates the inefficiency of multiple incompatible vendors and multiple subscription and support fees with one fully integrated education cloud-based management system for all school management functions
Secure "software as a service" (SaaS) design provides cost-effective, real-time system maintenance, support and updates in a "private cloud" environment eliminating interruption or down-time to customers
Private cloud-based SaaS model greatly reduces on-premises network operations center equipment, licensing and maintenance costs
Enables more efficient human resources management by eliminating barriers to productivity inherent in systems designed to function in isolated silos
Total cost of ownership for printing and copier use can be greatly reduced through automated on-line workflows and "paperless" processes native to a cloud-based integrated education management system
Increased productivity in every level of the enterprise with SaaS design - secure access anywhere, anytime
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