What is IEMS?

IEMS is unique and in a class by itself as the first, and only, All-In-One School Management System that fully integrates the functionalities of Learning Management Systems, Student Information Systems, Enterprise Resource Planning Systems, and Third Party Solutions such as Google Apps for Education in one Single-Sign-On SAAS platform. Competitor systems operate in isolated silos of functionalities that stand alone, with other similar systems in different silos, to produce a patchwork of parts that simply cannot interoperate as an integrated whole. Such patchworks create the familiar barriers to efficiency, cost-effectiveness, creativity and innovation we know as bureaucracy.

How long will it take for complete deployment?

IEMS can be deployed in a short amount. The deployment team will meet with each customer to map out a schedule for deployment including the upload of historical data, if required, for reporting continuity.

How do I access IEMS?

With a username and password, provided to you by your administrator, you can access IEMS for any web-enabled device. The platform is available 24/7/365.

Can I have a demo of IEMS?

Yes! By clicking on "Schedule a Demo" tab at the top of our website, you can complete the form and submit. Someone from our Customer team will then schedule the demo with you and your team.

What are the key benefits of IEMS?
  • Consolidates "one-off" school district vendor applications and features used currently in schools
  • One easy-to-use, enterprise grade, single sign-on solution
  • Highly modular and customizable
  • Works with 3rd party applications (e.g. Google Edu Apps)
  • Meets or exceeds individual provider solutions
  • Secured private cloud
  • Single point of data entry, accessible to all business areas
  • Dynamic role-based access for all business processes providing access according to school/district workflows
  • Ability to provide dynamic reports as well as state and federal compliant standardized reporting with export to multiple file formats
What are the software/hardware requirements?

IEMS can be accessed by any user using a web-enable device through a standard web browser. Hosted on a private cloud, there is no need for customer to purchase any hardware to maintain the system.

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