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School/College/University administrators might have used different types of school ERP.. But, cloud- based ERP systems might be a new term for most of them. A cloud- based software can offer many benefits to schools when compared to normal ERP systems. This innovative technology helps schools to carry out day-to- day administrative processes effortlessly.

Cloud based ERP system are software solutions specially designed for centralized management of all activities in an organisations.

Quality school ERP software has different modules to help schools in managing administration process, students and teachers as well.

Integrated education management system is ''All-In-One SaaS Platform solution for schools, Colleges & Universities. Its a complete package for schools management system and college management system as well. IEMS is a complete automation in all process.

How IEMS erp cloud based system is more benefitial to institutes ?
  • IEMS Cloud technology guarantees that the data of your school is safe when it is transferring files from your systems to the hosting servers.
  • IEMS Cloud enabled solutions save you from additional expenses such as installation charges and capital outlay for networking hardware.
  • Ones subscribed you saas, provider will take care of all issues related to your ERP system.
  • IEMS Cloud subscription allows schools to customize services according to their requirements.
  • Unlike normal ERP solutions IEMS cloud based ERP solutions provide you 24/7 support.
    • Increase daily productivity.
    • Save paper & reduce teacher workload.
    • Collaborate beyond classrooms.
    • Connect to mulpile departments and campuses
    • Complete automation for smarter decisions.
    • Anywhere accsess right from your palm.
    • Data can be managed effectively and efficiently.
IEMS best features in ERP
  • Fee Management
  • Accounting
  • HR & Payroll
  • Leave Management
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